I have used these products for years now. Their purity is first class; who needs toxic chemicals on their face? iBella’s signature fragrance is all natural and lovely, and it can go with you in your purse. The serum adds a glow to your face. I mix it with my moisturizer, and it seals the moisture in. The products are a joy to use and Organic too, Thanks!
Mary C – Bonita, Ca

I love the Organic rose hydrosol; it almost smells like honey. I use it after I cleanse my face, to hydrate my skin throughout the day or to set my makeup. I love the fact that it’s organic since I try to not to pollute my body with synthetic preservatives or chemicals found in many skin care products.
Lorenza – Italy

The Rhassoul clay mask is incredible. I mixed the mask last night with mineral water (Pellegrino of course!) as well as with a few drops of the iBella’s Daily Facial since it contains organic olive oil for more hydration and I applied the mask for 15 minutes. My skin felt and looked amazing.
Angelo – Italy

My skin feels dewy and luscious since I started using iBella Skin Products. I love it!
Marina – USA

I apply the iBella serum to my face and neck, and I am very pleased with the results. My face feels fresh and the texture is so soft. I feel a huge difference. I grew up using drug store products. I was very careless about my skin. I bought numerous things but honestly, I never felt a difference until I started using the iBella serum. Thank you for taking the time to explain and advise me about the benefits of your product.
Delia – USA

When I first started using iBella, I noticed an improvement in the way my skin felt almost immediately. It was smoother and it felt a lot more moisturized. About three weeks into using the product, I went to a party where I saw friends that I had not seen in months. Many commented on how good I looked and that my face was brighter and clearer. I have freckles and sun damage and they noticed that all my dark spots and discolorations were less noticeable. I love what the product did for me. I even think that its lovely aroma puts me in such a great mood morning and evening…it truly is therapeutic.
Donna – Croatia

I’m so impressed with your serum! I have purchased many expensive products in the past that don’t compare to this one. It absorbs into my skin instantly and leaves it feeling dewy, yet not greasy. The aroma is awesome as well. Frankly, I’m surprised that you can offer it at the price you do when I can tell that the essential oils you use are of such high quality. My husband and I both LOVE it! More, please. Thank you.
Liza – USA

I first started using the anti-aging serum about 3 years ago. I have never gone back to using moisturizers or any other type of lotion. My skin feels wonderful! I try to keep a bottle handy so I won’t run out, and I also like that you can use just a tiny drop and it gets the job done, so a little goes a long way. It also makes a wonderful gift.
Gabriela – Mexico

I have been using iBella for about two years and I absolutely love it. The serum completely absorbs into my skin and it makes my fine lines invisible. I’m always getting compliments on how good my skin looks.
Antonia – England

When I stopped taking hormones my skin became so dry I started buying all kinds of creams to moisturize. Nothing seemed to work for long, from one day to the other it was the same dryness. I received a sample of iBella rejuvenating serum. And I started using it immediately and noticed that when I woke up my skin wasn’t parched as it was before. After “watering” my skin I applied the serum, morning and night. The results are amazing, I now carry a small vial in my purse to help with the air conditioning and heating in my office. I absolutely love it. Thank you.
Gratefully yours,
Imera – Italy

I am absolutely stunned by the results of your product. My skin looks visibly younger, fresher and is glowing, many people have made comments about this to me. And this only after using the product for about 4 weeks!
Karen – France

iBella rejuvenating serum has calmed my skin and made it more radiant. I also used it when flying cross-country and it was the first time my skin didn’t completely dehydrate! I recommend this serum to anyone concerned with dryness, fine lines and pore size. I have used it directly on my skin and also put a few drops in a moisturizer.
Rebecca S. – USA

My skin has always been very sensitive. I’ve tried many of the most famous and expensive skin care products out there and I didn’t really notice any lasting improvement in my skin’s appearance. I can honestly say, that the first time I tried iBella products, I noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. It seemed more even-toned, supple and relaxed. Since that day my skin has improved dramatically and people compliment me all the time telling me my skins glows.
Mireya – USA