We’ve seen so many wonderful clients; and during the consultation, we oftentimes learn that they aren’t using the appropriate skin products to address their skin type or concerns.

Before you invest in retail, you need to know what your skin type is; and be mindful that the skin is always changing from season to season and throughout life due to age, health, environment, genetics, diet, and lifestyle so it’s appropriate to switch your products from time to time.

Skin Types

Normal skin is rare beyond puberty; and other than in children, not common at all. Normal skin has good muscle tone, is well hydrated, has good circulation, is soft and supple, and is free from blemishes. And has a fine texture with no enlarged pores or wrinkles.

Oily skin has a shiny look and it feels oily to the touch; it also has enlarged pores and sometimes a thick, coarse appearance. Oily skin may also be characterized by acne, blackheads, spots, and blemishes.

Combination skin is the most common; with the oily T-zone of the forehead, nose and chin with dry skin on the rest of the face.

Dry skin is caused by insufficient production of sebum, the skin’s natural moisturizer; and it’s often dehydrated. The lack of sebum diminishes the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Dry skin looks delicate, fine and thin, with small pores. It’s affected by the sun as well as the wind and it wrinkles easily.

Sensitive skin is usually fair and delicate; it reddens and itches. It reacts to fragrance in products, it may burn and sting. It’s also prone to allergic reactions caused by the chemicals in commercial cosmetics. Gentle cosmetics are recommended for dry and sensitive skin types.

If you’re not sure what your skin type is, and you’d like a retail recommendation to address your skin concerns please email us to book a virtual consultation.