Erika RuizPusateri developed the iBella product line & Spa Services. She has been involved in Holistic Health for over fifteen years, as a spa owner, a sales consultant for prestigious European skin care companies, an educator for Marinello and as host of an Organic Beauty cable television program. As a strong believer in the life-long education process, she is a licensed Aesthetician, a Certified Yoga instructor a Raw Vegan Chef, and has degrees in Holistic Nutrition and International Business. Erika also studied Energy healing, Massage Therapy as well as Flower Essence Therapy. One favorite aspect of her career has been conducting educational trainings on wellness, healing modalities and natural skin care. She also enjoys teaching private & corporate Yoga classes; she’s worked at the Deepak Chopra Center, L’Auberge, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, at the world-renowned historical landmark Hotel Del Coronado and also collaborates with the prestigious Yoga Journal Magazine during special events.

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